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“If all the community organisations do their parts and put together a collage of interesting unique stories, the heritage scene in Singapore will be enriched and become very interesting indeed.”       - Gan Ee Bee -

Ee Bee holds a MA in Chinese Studies from the National University of Singapore, with research interests in architectural history, conservation, and overseas Chinese history. She completed the Mind, Brain and Education programme at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is the co-author of Singapore Interpretation: The Heritage Story.

Ee Bee has undertaken research, policy and practice in academic, community and government contexts. She involved in Gan Clan Singapore’s organisational transformation by spearheading the establishment of Gan Heritage Centre as the Centre Director and Curator, which earned it inclusion on Museum Roundtable of National Heritage Board, Singapore and International Council of Museums, France. The Centre won President’s Charity Cup 2016 nominated by National Heritage Board, Clan of the Year 2013 and 2015 awarded by Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations, and listed on Ministry of Education to promote national education.

Her current volunteer appointments are as a Member of Board of Governors in Nanyang Technological University-Chinese Heritage Centre and Representative for Gan Heritage Centre to International Council of Museums. She was elected Vice Honorary Secretary and Chair of Heritage Centre Management Committee to Gan Clan Singapore and Gan Heritage Centre, and served Leaders Pow Wow Committee in Museum Roundtable of National Heritage Board.

Founder of Neumind, Ee Bee is building capacity on heritage conservation which aims to increase number of heritage institutions for continuity and activating youths. A Chartered Accountant previously, Ee Bee has illustrious auditing experience in corporate governance. Neumind consultancy experiences include appointment as service provider for design and research by National Heritage Board for five national museums and appointment as education service provider by People’s Association and Chinese Development Assistance Council.

Ee Bee initiated Grow Heritage Fund for Nanyang Technological University-Chinese Heritage Centre. A Patron of Heritage Awards 2016 by National Heritage Board.

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27 Oct 2019 | 

Panel presentation on Gender Equality and Meritocracy: Women Empowerment in Clan Associations, with 550 participants by World Gan Clan Women Conference in Fujian, Eng Choon, China.




Provide research advisory to documentary production by IFA Media, REMEMBER OUR HOUSES about the revival development of Chinese clan associations in Singapore.


Story preview:

Gaining access to their clans and more, Douglas embarks on a journey to understand the purpose of clans today, their struggles, and how they are fighting to stay relevant in the midst of modernity and apathy.


Opening of Gan Heritage Centre


Appointed as Curator and Project Consultant in Gan Clan Singapore’s transformation plan including strategic planning and standard operating system for the clan association as well as spearheaded the setting up of Gan Heritage Centre with grant funding from National Heritage Board and renovation investment. It is now a member of Museum Roundtable under National Heritage Board since 2015.

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