“If all the community organisations do their parts and put together a collage of interesting unique stories, the heritage scene in Singapore will be enriched and become very interesting indeed.”    


Gan Ee Bee


Founder of Neumind, a social entrepreneur who is responsible for building capacity and delivering long-term impact on heritage preservation. Neumind is appointed as Service Provider for Design and Research Service by National Heritage Board (NHB) for five national museums. 

Ee Bee has a track record of contributions that have created positive change in the non-profit spheres. A member of Board of Governors in Nanyang Technological University-Chinese Heritage Centre. She has initiated an endowment fund for Chinese Heritage Centre to encourage Chinese heritage awareness amongst younger generation. A recipient of Patron of Heritage Awards 2016 by National Heritage Board.

As Centre Director and Curator of Gan Heritage Centre under Gan Clan Singapore, she drives the development of the heritage centre as well as spearheads key heritage initiatives and organisation’s outreach strategy focused on activating youths.

Along with a group of passionate people, Ee Bee is currently building Neumind to help positively impact the heritage development of community organisations landscape in Singapore and Southeast Asia.


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