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SG50 Singapore Interpretation

We want to start an on-going massive conversation about Singapore heritage through a campaign that educates, engages and entertains by bringing history and culture alive in everyday life – in the objects, places and monuments around us, in the events we commemorate and the people in our lives that we celebrate. From the museum to a park to a clan association; from a historic figure in Singapore history to one’s grandparents; from a local dish to a colloquial phrase, there is a treasure trove of rich and unique heritage stories to be unravelled.This is about interpreting Singapore through the heritage lens and inviting the culturally oblivious to awaken to the incredible tapestry of stories that has been woven into the Singapore fabric -past, present and future.


Written By

Gan Ee Bee

Chew Meilin




The Heritage Story


A SG50 Celebration Fund Project


8 Dec 2015, Tuesday, 2.30 pm

National Museum of Singapore, The Salon

93 Stamford Road Singapore178897



Mr Tan Chuan-Jin

Minister for Social and Family Development


Guest Speaker

Professor Wang Gungwu

Chairman, East Asian Institute,

National University of Singapore


Book no.2
Book no.1

191 Primary Schools

168 Secondary Schools

18 Junior Colleges

4 Universities

100 Clan Associations

27 National and Public Libraries

15 Community Organisations

10 Heritage Organisations


Zaobao, 11 Dec 2015
社会企业撰写新书 以25故事讲述本土历史文化



1,000 complimentary copies are given to community organisations, schools, higher learning institutions and libraries. Credits to Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations as collection centre for its clan members and National Library Board accepting this publication to its library collections.


Readers may contribute other examples of interpretation based on the subject shown in the book.

Opening of Gan Heritage Centre


Appointed as Curator and Project Consultant in Gan Clan Singapore’s transformation plan including strategic planning and standard operating system for the clan association as well as spearheaded the setting up of Gan Heritage Centre with grant funding from National Heritage Board and renovation investment. It is now a member of Museum Roundtable under National Heritage Board since 2015.

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